Recumbent Exercise Bike Advantages

The fitness market is booming, brands offer a wide range of exercise bikes, which does not make the choice of its model easy. In this article, I will give you my tips and tricks to find your recumbent exercise bike. This is a type of exercise bike that has the particularity of offering a slightly different posture compared to a classic model, offering better comfort especially for the back. Generally recommended in case of back problems, the recumbent bike has other advantages in its bag that I propose to discover. If you are looking for a the best recumbent exercise bike, I recommend:


High Capacity Magnetic Best Recumbent Exercise Bike
High Capacity Magnetic Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

As a sports coach I regularly discover new equipment. Some resist in time when others disappear once the fashion effect has passed. Some cost less than $ 5, while others require a budget of more than $ 1,500 or even several thousand dollars for professional devices. The important thing is to find the equipment that meets your expectations. These differ between the casual user and the high level athlete. One of the goals of fitness and sports in general is to work on cardio. To designate devices meeting this objective, the term cardio-training equipment is often used. Among them we find a wide choice of devices: rowing machine, carpet, exercise bike, etc.

Special features of a recumbent bike

On a conventional exercise bike, called the right bike, one sits with the back slightly bent forward with the arms more or less bent depending on the position. Sitting on the saddle is the knee does not protrude the pelvis when the pedal is at the highest.

With a recumbent bike, as the name suggests, we are in a long position. However, one remains seated in the saddle, but the back is leaning against the backrest tilted backward. The pedals are higher and the knees are almost at chest height in the high position. The hands are not placed on the handlebar, but in the vacuum along the body or gripping the handles located at the seat. The seat is also wider and comfortable.

NB: The recumbent exercise bike even has a handlebar if you want to settle in a more classic position.

In the end, this type of exercise bike is more bulky (no folding bike), but it is also more comfortable and supports the back better. Particularly suitable for all those who have health problems (multiple sclerosis.. )

Why choose a recumbent exercise bike?

If you practice the exercise bike several times a week, then investing in a quality recumbent bike becomes interesting, especially if you have a rather fragile back.

  • The inclined position offered by this type of exercise bike offers better back support, with the backrest not curved. It is therefore much more suitable for those who want to keep a better posture when they practice the exercise bike.
  • Ideal for people with reduced mobility
  • Perfect for older people
  • The seat is wider, offering a more comfortable seat. You will have less pain in the buttocks after several tens of minutes of use
  • It is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Allows you to easily practice a cardio-training activity, in the context of a fitness or a weight loss

My opinion on the recumbent exercise bike

The recumbent exercise bike is not for everyone. If you do not have room, opt for a classic model. Similarly, on average this type of exercise bike is a little more expensive, and if you do not have a particularly fragile back, the recumbent bike is not essential. In addition, there are a multitude of exercises to strengthen the back.

In my opinion, The recumbent bike position is more comfortable and less tiring. Although it allows to strengthen a little lower back, if you are looking for a device specifically dedicated to this function, know that there are more suitable equipment than the recumbent bike.

For the moment, I do not feel the need to use a recumbent exercise bike. However, I am lucky to have a back that leaves me alone for the moment.

Bluetooth Smart Technology Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike
Bluetooth Smart Technology Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike


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